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What's New

Major additions, rather than minor clean-ups. Also, new dance sequences have their own what's new page.

(5/22/2013) Finally finished the trad-dance-callers links, along with a sub-page of instructions to many square and family dances.

(12/15/2012) Added a page with lots of links to the mailing list SharedWeight.

(5/17/2011) Made a number of changes on the schedule page over the past few months. Most noticable is in the Special Dances part of the left-hand menu, and a list of videos. And some recent programs have had more detailed write-ups.

(4/30/2010) Added a page for English Country Dance compositions.

(10/5/2009) Moved the website here. General clean-up. Some files and directories have been renamed/moved.

(8/6/2008) Experimenting with a site navigation header. At first it may be buggy, and will not cover all pages.

(6/5/2008) The rec.folk.dancing page, listing my favorite articles/threads from that listserve. A compliment to the Northern Junket page.

(4/18/2008) This page.

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