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(1/2/2021) Added "Ferreting Around," "Rotary," and "Split Infinitive." Updated "Cloverleaf Exchange."

(11/14/2020) Added "Asides," "Cloverleaf Exchange," and "Staying Home."

(10/25/2020) Added "Counting Flowers on the Wall" and "Double-oh Zero."

(9/20/2020) Added "Crossings," "Hallway Hop," and "You Can Get Here From Here."

(2/9/2020) Added "Chasing Aaaron," "Heybreak," "Out of the Box," and "A Waltz for Richard."

(6/15/2019) Added "Left Turn at Albuquerque" and "The Scenic Route."

(4/13/2019) Added "Diamonds Are For NEFFA."

(9/25/2018) Added "Tacking About" and "Without a Net."

(8/12/2018) Added "Recombobulated."

(8/4/2018) Added "Courtesy Break," "Heart of Joy," "Rufty Rainbows," and "Two Steps Forward."

(11/11/2017) Completely reorganized the contras on secondary dance page by category. All links should still work.

(10/5/2017) Added "111," "Approaches," "Bank Shot," "Cyclone," "Meet and Greet," "Quality Time," "Sharing," "Square Route," and "Twirl to Swing."

(5/13/2017) Added "And Another Thing," "Half the Fun," and "Pioneer." Moved "A Thing of Trust" to the secondary page from untested page.

(4/3/2017) Added "Because It Was There," "Visions," and "Whirlpool."

(11/17/2016) Added "Doubling Back," ""It's All About Me!"," "May Faire Fantasy," "Mostly Danced," "Over, Under and Through," "Sneaker Reel 2," "Trail Markers," and "Twirly Corners."

(3/24/2016) Added "Christmas Stars," "Cross Purposes," "Go With the Flow," "Lemniskating," "A Properly Proper Hey," "Seeing Eye to Eye, " and "Spin Cycle."

(12/9/2015) Added "Rush Hour."

(12/8/2015) Added "The First Straw," "Fourth Friday," "Super Swooper Scooper," "Tandemonium," and "The Wraparound."

(10/7/2015) Added "Blueshift," "The Flying Trapeze," and "Turnstyles."

(6/29/2015) Added "Objects in Motion."

(6/3/2015) Added "Diagonella" and "True Grit."

(3/6/2015) Added "A Grand Day Out," "On the Prowl," "Rounding Third," "Slalom Slide," and "Squirrel!."

(2/13/2015) Added "Once Upon a Cherry Blossom."

(12/22/2014) Added "Mary Loo's Reel."

(10/31/2014) Added "Taking Turns."

(8/18/2014) Added "The Contra Matrix Resolution" and "Swing the Next."

(7/15/2014) Added "Laddie's Chain" and "Ricochet Twins."

(7/10/2014) Added "The Fifth Piece," "Kitty-Corner," "Squared Off," and "Squared Up."

(7/2/2014) Added "Rollin' Outta Barstow" and "Stellar Evolution."

(6/26/2014) Added "Bugaboo," "Circular Logic," and "Trail to the Stars."

(4/22/2014) Added "Passing Through," "Scooped," "Spinout," and "Wander Rings."

(3/25/2014) Added "The Illusion of Eight," "Quite Right," and "Soaring."

(2/9/2014) Added "Yours Truly."

(1/31/2014) Added "Pousette Sextet."

(1/28/2014) Added "Across the Way," "Vector Analysis," and "Xenotransplantation."

(1/16/2014) Added "Not a Trip to Vegas."

(10/3/2013) Added "An Other, Whirled," and "Slip Sliding Away."

(9/13/2013) Added "Vous-Rendez."

(6/12/2013) Added "Ebb and Flow" and "Fool Around For Lori."

(6/7/2013) Added "On the Other Hand."

(6/4/2013) Added "Chain the Corner" and "Ladies Chain Circle Mixer."

(5/28/2013) Added "Reroll Reel."

(5/15/2013) Added "Bonfire."

(5/2/2013) Added "Alexander's Swing-time."

(4/22/2013) Added "Moments of Transition."

(2/14/2013) Revised "Wind-up Your Neighbor."

(1/30/2013) Added "Catch of the Day."

(1/28/2013) Added "Gate Expectations" and "Victory Rose."

(11/2/2012) Added "Rolling Break" and "Something Borrowed."

(9/6/2012) Added "Do What's Right."

(8/7/2012) Added "A Sure Thing," "Trust," and "A Thing of Trust."

(8/2/2012) Added "Kindred Spirits."

(7/20/2012) Added "Separation Anxiety."

(6/5/2012) Added "Jamie's Jig."

(2/24/2012) Finally added "Curves and Ways," "Do-Si-Did," "Double Joy," "Gemini Six," "Mash-Up Mixer," "Minor Hey," "Promenade Home," "Surprise Through," "Uplift," "The Weaving Sloop," and "The Zen of Dance."

(10/3/2011) Added "Blind Catch," "In Jig Time," and "Racquetball Reel."

(5/4/2011) Added "Eleanor's Mixer."

(4/17/2011) Added "Chinese New Year."

(4/5/2011) Added "Jam Doodle" and "Patience."

(12/6/2010) Added "Belgian's Delight."

(11/30/2010) Added "Right and Left Triangle."

(10/27/2010) Added "Binary System" and "Left Out."

(8/18/2010) Added "Four's a Crowd," "Gallop Speed," "The Hidden Draw," "Path to the Past," "The Secret Draw," "TLC Triplet," and "Wagon Reel."

(7/23/2010) Added "Not Your Average Joe," "Pinball Petronellas," and "Swap Meet."

(6/4/2010) Added "Out of Circulation."

(4/30/2010) Added "Return Engagement" and "A Double Rule of Three."

(3/30/2010) Added "Another for the Money."

(2/22/2010) Added "SwingCatcher."

(10/28/2009) Added "Piston Pousettes" and "Yarn Dance."

(10/15/2009) Added "TLC Tempest."

(10/14/2009) Added "Primrose Path."

(7/7/2009) Added "Right and Left Triplet."

(6/29/2009) Added "Blurring the Lines" and "Sevenpins."

(6/4/2009) Added "Apogee."

(4/18/2009) Added "Just Elegance."

(3/5/2009) Added "Waiting in the Swings."

(2/7/2009) Added "Square Deal."

(10/28/2008) Added "Here and There."

(10/7/2008) Added "Sanders' Swing" and "A Slip in Time."

(8/13/2008) Added "Chocolate in the Peanut Butter."

(7/24/2008) Added "The Second Ring."

(7/5/2008) Added "Contra Canon" and "A Proper Whoosh."

(6/21/2008) Added "Splitting Hairs."

(3/28/2008) Added "Basket Chase" and "Take Some of the Credit."

(3/24/2008) Added "Heart of Glass for Guys."

(3/10/2008) Added "Fountains."

(2/1/2008) Added "Carol's Reel."

(1/6/2008) Added "Summer Azure."

(12/21/2007) Added "Serendipity."

(12/3/2007) Added "The Dancer's Duty."

(10/14/2007) Added "Wind-up Your Neighbor" and "Petronella Swing Break."

(10/7/2007) Added "Petronella Mixer."

(8/30/2007) Added "A Bevy of Butterflies" and "Hopscotch Reel."

(8/22/2007) Added "Vicky's Reel."

(8/14/2007) Added "Expanding the Ever-Expanding Circle," "Swinging Jenny," "NEWSreel," and "Jenny in Pairs."

(8/9/2007) This page. Started with "24/7," "Accretion Reel," "Bound States," "Butterflies in the Barn," "Common Courtesies," "Contemporary California Reel," "Double Cat Bounce," "The Full Wind-Up," "Grand Right and Left Mixer," "Hey Rollers," "Hidebehind Reel," "Jersey Roundabout," "Jess's Reel," "Loops and Lines," "Midwestern Rories," "Oscar's Oddity," "Roll Reversal," "Roll Twelve," "Sneaker Reel," "Star Stuff," "Terpsicontrante," "Three Ways Out," "Trip to Lambertville Variant," and "Trip to San Diego."


(4/13/2019) Moved "Chain the Corner" to the secondary page.

(8/4/2018) Moved "Petronella Swing Break" to the secondary page.

(11/11/2017) Moved "Jersey Roundabout," and "Swinging Jenny" to tertiary page.

(4/3/2017) Moved "True Grit" to the primary page. Moved "TLC Tempest" and "Something Borrowed" to the secondary page.

(11/17/2016) Moved "SwingCatcher" to the secondary page. Moved "Sneaker Reel" to the tertiary page.

(3/6/2015) Moved "Do What's Right" to the secondary page.

(2/16/2015) Moved "Apogee" and "Soaring" to primary page. Moved "Jess's Reel" and "Contra Canon" to secondary page.

(3/5/2014) Moved to secondary page: "Path to the Past" and "Piston Pousettes."

(6/4/2013) Moved to secondary page: "Here and There."

(11/2/2012) Moved to secondary page: "Wagon Reel."

(9/12/2012) Moved to secondary page: "Sanders' Swing" and "The Dancer's Duty."

(9/6/2012) Created a tertiary archival page, and moved on to it: "Another for the Money," "Common Courtesies," "Contemporary California Reel," "Expanding the Ever-Expanding Circle," "Petronella Mixer," "Trip to Lambertville Variant," "Trip to San Diego," "Vicky's Reel," and "Yarn Dance." Moved "Pinball Petronellas" to secondary page.

(4/27/2012) Isolated the slip jig contras into their own section.

(2/29/2012) Moved "SwingCatcher" to primary page and "24/7" to secondary page.

(5/4/2011) Moved to secondary page: "Basket Chase", "Bound States", and "Splitting Hairs."

(8/18/2010) Moved to secondary page: "Wind-up Your Neighbor."

(10/2/2009) Moved to secondary page: "Fountains," "Star Stuff," "Roll Reversal," "Take Some of the Credit," "Terpsicontrante," and "Trip to Lambertville Variant."

(10/28/2008) Moved to secondary page: "Hidebehind Reel," "Jersey Roundabout," "Loops and Lines," and "Sneaker Reel."

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