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(4/13/2019) Added "Diamonds Are For NEFFA." Moved "Chain the Corner" to the secondary page.

(9/25/2018) Added "Tacking About" and "Without a Net."

(8/12/2018) Added "Recombobulated."

(8/4/2018) Added "Courtesy Break," "Heart of Joy," "Rufty Rainbows," and "Two Steps Forward." Moved "Petronella Swing Break" to the secondary page.

(11/11/2017) Completely reorganized the contras on secondary dance page by category. All links should still work.

(10/5/2017) Added "111," "Approaches," "Bank Shot," "Cyclone," "Meet and Greet," "Quality Time," "Sharing," "Square Route," and "Twirl to Swing."

(5/13/2017) Added "And Another Thing," "Half the Fun," and "Pioneer." Moved "A Thing of Trust" to the secondary page.

(4/3/2017) Added "Because It Was There," "Visions," and "Whirlpool."

(11/17/2016) Added "Doubling Back," ""It's All About Me!"," "May Faire Fantasy," "Mostly Danced," "Over, Under and Through," "Sneaker Reel 2," "Trail Markers," and "Twirly Corners."

(3/24/2016) Added "Christmas Stars," "Cross Purposes," "Go With the Flow," "Lemniskating," "A Properly Proper Hey," "Seeing Eye to Eye, " and "Spin Cycle."

(12/9/2015) Added "Rush Hour."

(12/8/2015) Added "The First Straw," "Fourth Friday," "Super Swooper Scooper," "Tandemonium," and "The Wraparound."

(10/7/2015) Added "Blueshift," "The Flying Trapeze," and "Turnstyles."

(6/29/2015) Added "Objects in Motion."

(6/3/2015) Added "Diagonella" and "True Grit."

(3/6/2015) Added "A Grand Day Out," "On the Prowl," "Rounding Third," "Slalom Slide," and "Squirrel!."

(2/13/2015) Added "Once Upon a Cherry Blossom."

(12/22/2014) Added "Mary Loo's Reel."

(10/31/2014) Added "Taking Turns."

(8/18/2014) Added "The Contra Matrix Resolution" and "Swing the Next."

(7/15/2014) Added "Laddie's Chain" and "Ricochet Twins."

(7/10/2014) Added "The Fifth Piece," "Kitty-Corner," "Squared Off," and "Squared Up."

(7/2/2014) Added "Rollin' Outta Barstow" and "Stellar Evolution."

(6/26/2014) Added "Bugaboo," "Circular Logic," and "Trail to the Stars."

(4/22/2014) Added "Passing Through," "Scooped," and "Spinout."

(3/25/2014) Added "The Illusion of Eight," "Quite Right," and "Soaring."

(2/9/2014) Added "Yours Truly."

(1/31/2014) Added "Pousette Sextet."

(1/28/2014) Added "Across the Way," "Vector Analysis," and "Xenotransplantation."

(1/16/2014) Added "Not a Trip to Vegas."

(10/3/2013) Added "An Other, Whirled," and "Slip Sliding Away."

(9/13/2013) Added "Vous-Rendez."

(6/12/2013) Added "Ebb and Flow" and "Fool Around For Lori."

(6/7/2013) Added "On the Other Hand."

(6/4/2013) Added "Chain the Corner" and "Ladies Chain Circle Mixer."

(5/28/2013) Added "Reroll Reel."

(5/15/2013) Added "Bonfire."

(5/2/2013) Added "Alexander's Swing-time."

(4/22/2013) Added "Moments of Transition."

(2/14/2013) Revised "Wind-up Your Neighbor."

(1/30/2013) Added "Catch of the Day."

(1/28/2013) Added "Gate Expectations" and "Victory Rose."

(11/2/2012) Added "Rolling Break" and "Something Borrowed."

(9/6/2012) Added "Do What's Right."

(8/7/2012) Added "A Sure Thing," "Trust," and "A Thing of Trust."

(8/2/2012) Added "Kindred Spirits."

(7/20/2012) Added "Separation Anxiety."

(6/5/2012) Added "Jamie's Jig."

(2/24/2012) Finally added "Curves and Ways," "Do-Si-Did," "Double Joy," "Gemini Six," "Mash-Up Mixer," "Minor Hey," "Promenade Home," "Surprise Through," "Uplift," "The Weaving Sloop," and "The Zen of Dance."

(10/3/2011) Added "Blind Catch," "In Jig Time," and "Racquetball Reel."

(5/4/2011) Added "Eleanor's Mixer."

(4/17/2011) Added "Chinese New Year."

(4/5/2011) Added "Jam Doodle" and "Patience."

(12/6/2010) Added "Belgian's Delight."

(11/30/2010) Added "Right and Left Triangle."

(10/27/2010) Added "Binary System" and "Left Out."

(8/18/2010) Added "Four's a Crowd," "Gallop Speed," "The Hidden Draw," "Path to the Past," "The Secret Draw," "TLC Triplet," and "Wagon Reel."

(7/23/2010) Added "Not Your Average Joe," "Pinball Petronellas," and "Swap Meet."

(6/4/2010) Added "Out of Circulation."

(4/30/2010) Added "Return Engagement" and "A Double Rule of Three."

(3/30/2010) Added "Another for the Money."

(2/22/2010) Added "SwingCatcher."

(10/28/2009) Added "Piston Pousettes" and "Yarn Dance."

(10/15/2009) Added "TLC Tempest."

(10/14/2009) Added "Primrose Path."

(7/7/2009) Added "Right and Left Triplet."

(6/29/2009) Added "Blurring the Lines" and "Sevenpins."

(6/4/2009) Added "Apogee."

(4/18/2009) Added "Just Elegance."

(3/5/2009) Added "Waiting in the Swings."

(2/7/2009) Added "Square Deal."

(10/28/2008) Added "Here and There."

(10/7/2008) Added "Sanders' Swing" and "A Slip in Time."

(8/13/2008) Added "Chocolate in the Peanut Butter."

(7/24/2008) Added "The Second Ring."

(7/5/2008) Added "Contra Canon" and "A Proper Whoosh."

(6/21/2008) Added "Splitting Hairs."

(3/28/2008) Added "Basket Chase" and "Take Some of the Credit."

(3/24/2008) Added "Heart of Glass for Guys."

(3/10/2008) Added "Fountains."

(2/1/2008) Added "Carol's Reel."

(1/6/2008) Added "Summer Azure."

(12/21/2007) Added "Serendipity."

(12/3/2007) Added "The Dancer's Duty."

(10/14/2007) Added "Wind-up Your Neighbor" and "Petronella Swing Break."

(10/7/2007) Added "Petronella Mixer."

(8/30/2007) Added "A Bevy of Butterflies" and "Hopscotch Reel."

(8/22/2007) Added "Vicky's Reel."

(8/14/2007) Added "Expanding the Ever-Expanding Circle," "Swinging Jenny," "NEWSreel," and "Jenny in Pairs."

(8/9/2007) This page.


(11/11/2017) Moved "Jersey Roundabout," and "Swinging Jenny" to tertiary page.

(4/3/2017) Moved "True Grit" to the primary page. Moved "TLC Tempest" and "Something Borrowed" to the secondary page.

(11/17/2016) Moved "SwingCatcher" to the secondary page. Moved "Sneaker Reel" to the tertiary page.

(3/6/2015) Moved "Do What's Right" to the secondary page.

(2/16/2015) Moved "Apogee" and "Soaring" to primary page. Moved "Jess's Reel" and "Contra Canon" to secondary page.

(3/5/2014) Moved to secondary page: "Path to the Past" and "Piston Pousettes."

(6/4/2013) Moved to secondary page: "Here and There."

(11/2/2012) Moved to secondary page: "Wagon Reel."

(9/12/2012) Moved to secondary page: "Sanders' Swing" and "The Dancer's Duty."

(9/6/2012) Created a tertiary archival page, and moved on to it: "Another for the Money," "Common Courtesies," "Contemporary California Reel," "Expanding the Ever-Expanding Circle," "Petronella Mixer," "Trip to Lambertville Variant," "Trip to San Diego," "Vicky's Reel," and "Yarn Dance." Moved "Pinball Petronellas" to secondary page.

(4/27/2012) Isolated the slip jig contras into their own section.

(2/29/2012) Moved "SwingCatcher" to primary page and "24/7" to secondary page.

(5/4/2011) Moved to secondary page: "Basket Chase", "Bound States", and "Splitting Hairs."

(8/18/2010) Moved to secondary page: "Wind-up Your Neighbor."

(10/2/2009) Moved to secondary page: "Fountains," "Star Stuff," "Roll Reversal," "Take Some of the Credit," "Terpsicontrante," and "Trip to Lambertville Variant."

(10/28/2008) Moved to secondary page: "Hidebehind Reel," "Jersey Roundabout," "Loops and Lines," and "Sneaker Reel."

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