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(3-28-2020) SharedWeight has moved archives, so I've updated most of the links. Links in black have not been updated.

SharedWeight is a groups of mailing lists devoted to contra callers, musicians, organizers, and webmasters. Seth Seeger and Chris Weiler created them in 2004, to continue the dialogue of a Pinewood's caller's session led by Tom Hinds. The original focus was on teaching and information-sharing. Since then the lists (all with open archives) have continued to grow.

This is my collection of many of my favorite or notable articles. If you like one, you may want to wander around the thread of linked conversations. To find the author and date of a post, hold the mouse over the initials to view the hover text.

If you are the author of an article below and would like that link removed, please email me privately.

Last updated 3/31/2014. New links from the past yearish are in red.

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