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Back in 1997 a listserve was set up to get disparate groups talking to one another -- traditional square callers, contra callers, modern square callers, and eventually contra callers and family dance teachers. This list migrated to yahoo groups six years later, and since then yahoo has archived over 20,000 posts. There's a huge wealth of information here. I've culled some of my personal favorites, and organized them below.

However, the list and archives are part of a private yahoo group. To access these articles you must:

  1. Sign up to be a trad-dance-callers member.
  2. Sign up for a yahoo ID.
  3. In your yahoo profile, link to your email account used in step 1.

Last updated 1/1/2014. New links from the past yearish are in red.

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A list of instructions for specific dance sequences is on a subpage.

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