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Dance inclusion criteria

To limit the number of dances in this list, I've used these three pruning rules.

  1. Permission

    Is it clear the author's okay with this dance being reproduced? If not, I'm not linking to it.

  2. Uniqueness

    Does this dance appear elsewhere on the web, referenced by Michael Dyck's index? If so, I'm leaving it off for reasons of space.

  3. Quality

    The subjective part. Do I think it's at least a decent dance?

If I made a mistake on criteria 1, and you'd like to de-link a dance, please email me. (It'll still be in the SharedWeight database, but it'll be that much harder to find.)

If you think I overlooked a dance, or want me to include one of your dances that someone else posted, feel free to email me. I may add it.

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