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With Thanks to the Dean

by Steve Zakon-Anderson

Conventional wisdom is that it's a perfect dance.

I guess sometimes even conventional wisdom is correct.

The dance relentlessly goes from one solid transition to the next. What's more, it seamlessly fits together several excellent composite figures: the circle/slide/circle, the allemande right/left, and the allemande/chain/women allemande/swing motifs. These all fit inside 64 beats without overpackig, or weak transitions patching things up. Every figure has a place and a reason, and nothing feels out of place.

"Relentless" could also describe its one weakness -- you don't stop moving (the men could pause at the top of A2, but shouldn't, and ought to loop at the sides instead), so on a hot, tiring day it can spell trouble.

Instructions for this dance can be found here.
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