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Trip to Lambertville

by Steve Zakon-Anderson

When programming an evening, I'm always seeking dances that stand out, yet are easier than they look. Like "Trip to Lambertville." The waves in the center are a distinctive shtick, with plenty of forgiveness time built in. There's also the bonuses of a wave of four, two swings, and a very nice B2/A1 transition.

Another neat thing about the A1 is that is has a lost aspect of "Petronella" -- it allows half the dancers in the middle to show off balances (to their partner, no less) while the other half watch. And this is without having to wait forever as an inactive at the distant end of the hall.

While the right and left through straight out of the partner swing makes for a nice energetic sequence for experienced dancers, it can be disabling for hesitating beginners. So despite this being a favorite dance, I've also mucked with it to create an even more forgiving alternative. But the original still has a key place in my repertoire.

Instructions for this dance can be found here.
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