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Salmonella Evening

(Original title: Salmon Chanted Petronella)

by Louie Cromartie and Steve Zakon-Anderson

(This is a minimalist petronella-type dance with lots of 'petronella' turns.)

Yes, it's very simple, and therein lies the strength. At beginning dances, this is the dance I can pull out and prove that individual contra dances can be distinctive and special, and not just all down-the-hall/circle right/circle left/star right/star left/do-si-do everyone. It gives the first window into a whole larger world of contra dance that's been hiding in plain sight. Add that it does the twin job of being very forgiving for beginners yet putting experienced dancers in near-constant motion, making it one of my most over-used dances.

And just about everyone has fun with the clapping, too.

There is no web or book source for this dance. However, it's travelled fairly well, so try asking other callers.
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