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Poetry in Motion

by Lisa Greenleaf

This is an very smooth hybrid of two other great two dances: "Sneak Preview" by Claudio Buchwald, and "Al's Safeway Produce." (I've no clue if that was the intent, but that's certainly the result.) It takes the transitions of Al's and the forgiving multiple neighbors of Sneak Preview, and irons them out to make something even better.

One interesting feature of Poetry in Motion is the intentional pause in the flow caused by the give and take. The simplest way to hook up two swings is with a circle left 3/4. Here, using the give and take allows for playful drama, and provides a break for those sick of constant flow. Plus it doesn't add any difficulty to the dance. Though this tweak could be done to just about any dance with a swing/circle/swing motif. I'm still not sure which way I prefer Poetry in Motion, but either way it's one of the best.

Instructions for both "Poetry in Motion" and "Sneak Preview" can be found in Give and Take.
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