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Awesome Double Progression Dance

by Donna Calhoun

This page is pointless, as the dance's title is Gene Hubert's literal review.

But this is the web, so redundant information isn't just allowed, it's expected. So, to helpfully elaborate:

  • It's awesome.
  • It's double progression.
  • It's a dance.
  • And it can be found here.
  • If it weren't for the conventional wisdom of keeping an evening's first two dances single progression, this'd be a regular early slot. Each 16-count piece can be done in a forgiving way allowing time for false starts and catch-ups, or done using up the full extent of the phrase with smooth dancing. Either way works. Finally, every piece flows logically into the next bit, and with double-progression, having the ones monopolize the partner swing isn't an issue.

    A video of this dance can be found here.
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