About these programs:

For now I'm including these detailed programs for my own interest. Whether or not I continue to do so in the future is up in the air. These are the programs that happened, rather than those that I thought would happen. It's after the facts on the ground made me tear up carefully planned multiple-slot programs into so much pretty-colored confetti.

Most of these dances can be located on Michael Dyck's Contra Dance Index. As for the rest, try inquiring with the authors.

For English Country Dances before 1900, the author field refers to the publisher of the collection it appeared in. There are bound to be errors on my part.

Just because I have done a dance here doesn't necessarily mean it's in my active repertoire. I cull dances regularly. But at some point I thought the dance was worth doing.

In the list of dates on the left, blue is contra, green is English Country, and brown is other -- either a mixed program or a family dance program.

In the programs, Blue indicates I was intentionally doing something unusual. Yellow indicates another caller besides myself. Green does not mean anything yet, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it soon.