Pasadena, CA

Shared ECD evening with Jacqui Grennan

(Historical Tea and Dance Society)

April 7, 2024

Band: Green Willow

(Jeff Spero, Frank Hoppe, and Laura Osborn)

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Knole Park Bishop 1788 Jacqui Grennan  
2 Midnight Ramble Thompson 1773 Jacqui Grennan  
3 Cold and Raw Playford 1689 Me  
4 Doctor Bending's Serpent Sharon Green Me Three-couple set
5 Geud Man of Ballangigh Playford 1698 Jacqui Grennan  
6 Nellanade Jacqui Grennan Jacqui Grennan Scatter mixer
7 Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford 1698 Me  
8 Gathering Peascods Playford 1651 Me Circle dance
9 Trip to Paris Walsh 1711 Me  
10 Pride of Pringle Ken Alexander Jacqui Grennan Nine-person set
11 De'il Take the Warr Young 1721 Me Three-couple set
B2: Partner back-to-back, two-hand turn
12 Cornish Six-Hand Reel John Searle Jacqui Grennan Six-person set
13 Dance of a Lifetime Joseph Pimentel Jacqui Grennan Circle mixer

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