Pasadena, CA

April 16

Band: Anvil Sky

(Jeff Spero, Frank Hoppe, and Laura Osborn)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Rock Creek Reel David Harris  
2 Bristol Turns John Nance  
3 Simplicity Swing Becky Hill  
4 Speed Dating Bob Isaacs Scatter mixer
5 Fun Dance for Marjorie Bob Golder B1: Right shoulder round and swing
6 Leaving Home Al Olson A1: Balance and swing
7 Huckleberry Friend Myra Hirscberg and Tom Calwell B2: Partner swing
8 Low Clearance Me  
9 Gaye's Grace Bradley Smith  
10 Friday Night Fever Tony Parkes  
11 A Thing of Trust Me  

A large part of the dancers in the first half were a wedding party practicing for contra dancing that was supposed to be happening in a month at a Kansas wedding.

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