Altadena, CA

June 18, 2023

Band: Arroyo Seco String Band

Emil Olguin and Ben Graubart

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Queen's Quadrille Jerry Helt Square
Beth Molaro versin
2 Get Along Luke Donforth  
3 ABC Erik Hoffman  
4 Power Surge Bob Isaacs and Beth Brill  
5 Hill's Victory Martha Wild Three Facing Three
6 Out & About Gene Hubert  
7 Mad, Mad World Martha Wild  
8 Kentucky Circle Traditional Scatter mixer
9 Treat or Trick Me  
10 Kindred Spirits Me Hey verison
11 Swing Around Again Donna Hunt and Gene Hubert  
12 Reroll Reel Me  
13 Barack Me, Obamadeus Maia McCormick A1, B1: Balance and swing

Before the dance, I did an hour and fourty five minute basic caller's workshop, explaining how to call an individual dance.

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