San Diego County, CA

Shared DANCE evening with Frannie Marr and Jacqui Grennan

July 17, 2021

Band: Chip Prince and Audrey Knuth

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Recombobulated Me Me  
2 Alice Philippe Callens Me  
3 Mad Hey for Shadrack Martha Wild Me  
4 Softly Good Tummas Kynaston Me  
5 Golden Gate Jacqui Grennan Me  
6 Autumn in Amherst Philippe Callens Me  
7 Cheat Lake Twirl Perry Shafran & Nils Fredland Frannie Marr  
8 Moonflower Susan Kevra Frannie Marr  
9 The Treasure of Sierra Madre James Hutson Frannie Marr  
10 Trip to Tunbridge Preston 1793 Frannie Marr 3-couple set
11 Poetry in Motion Lisa Greenleaf Frannie Marr  
12 The Potter's Wheel Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett Frannie Marr  
13 Kindred Spirits Me Jacqui Grennan Hey version
14 Geud Man of Ballangigh Playford 1698 Jacqui Grennan  
15 Mary Cay's Reel David Kaynor Jacqui Grennan  
16 David's Triplet #5 David Smukler Jacqui Grennan  
17 April Stars Jacqui Grennan Jacqui Grennan  
18 Paper Plate #8: Ring of Fire Wendy Graham Jacqui Grennan  
19 Money Musk Traditional Frannie Marr  

A private dance party hosted by Frannie Marr, with about 30 local dancers vaccinated against Covid. Frannie's husband Bill built an outdoor dance floor, and she organized the entire event. The event was a mix of English Country Dance and contra. It was the first time seeing people in 16-some months.

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