Virtual zoom dance for San Diego

May 20, 2021

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Leah's Waltz Fried de Metz Hermann 3-couple set
Twos are actives, and do B1, with cloverleaf turn single instead of cast
2 Ore Boggy Neal 1776 B1 Full figure eight down
3 Prince William 1731 3-couple set
First B2 also done by ones.
Second B2 Ones two-hand turn spiraling up
4 The Potter's Wheel Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett Dolphin hey finishes in unprogressed positions
5 Honeysuckle Cottage Gary Roodman called by Alice Williams
6 Beautyberry Joseph Pimentel called by Alice Williams
7 Smithy Hill Tom Cook Final poussette-like thing goes to unprogressed positions
8 A Trip to Orpington Pat Shaw B2 Four changes rights and lefts with twos and another couple
9 Irish Lamentation 1735 B2 waltz to original places
10 Grimstock Playford 1651 3-couple set
Active couple is ones
11 Softly Good Tummas Kynaston 1718 Final right-hand turn does not spiral
12 Alice Philippe Callens Final two-hand turn shifting up

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