Rancho Bernardo, CA

March 8, 2020

Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Rostillion Neal 1726  
2 The Cotery 1790 Triple minor
3 Hole in the Wall Playford 1701  
4 The Restoration of King Charles Playford 1719  
5 Heybreak Me  
6 A New Leaf Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett  
7 The Treasure Fried de Metz Herman 3-couple set
8 The Queen's Jig Playford 1701  
9 Waltz for Richard Me  
10 To Dance Divine Brooke Friendly + Chris Sackett  
11 Land of Mist and Wonder Gary Roodman 4-couple set
Dance of the Month
12 Gentleman's Delight Philippe Callens  
13 Red and All Red Thompson 1757 3-couple set
14 General Grooviness of the Universe Brooke Friendly + Chris Sackett  

The last week of dance before COVID-19 shut everything down. Most of these were supposed to be on the 2020 May Ball, but the ball was cancelled.

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