Pasadena, CA

January 11, 2020

Band: David James and Frank Hoppe

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Patience Me Balance and swings
2 Power Surge Bob Isaacs and Beth Brill  
3 Accretion Reel Me Scatter mixer
4 Two Whos in the Middle Al Olson  
5 Swing Into the 4th Day Lisa Greenleaf  
6 Straighten Up And Slide Right Lindsey Dono  
7 Kentucky Circle Traditional Scatter mixer
8 Fiona Storming Across Asia Susan Kevra called by Jeff McGee
9 The Second Time Around Jim Kitch called by Jeff McGee
10 Here and There Me  

A 2.5 hour dance. Also, my first time calling larks/robins. (Previous gender-free experience was jets/rubies.)

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