San Diego, CA

September 22, 2018

Band: Figure Eight

(Martha Wild, Drew Leavens, Chris Peoples, Marci Phelan)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Big Easy Becky Hill  
2 ABC Erik Hoffman  
3 Butter Gene Hubert  
4 Heartbeat Contra Don Flaherty called by Sue Perry
B1: Women allemande right
5 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds  
6 Trip to Lambertville Variant Steve Zakon-Anderson/Me  
7 Tacking About Me  
8 Friday Night Fever Tony Parkes  
9 Kitch as Kitch Can Bob Isaacs  
10 Untitled Me  
11 The First Straw Me  

A lightly attended night of about 25 people. After dance #4, some parents brought three under-10-years olds who hadn't danced before. They actually did okay for the rest of the (reprogrammed) first half.

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