Pasadena, CA

Shared contra evening with Frannie Marr

June 30, 2018

Band: Crooked

(Nick Montemarano, Anna Levitt, and Chad Pittman)

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Cyclone Me Me  
2 Grand Western Canal Sue Rosen Me  
3 Doubling Back Me Me  
4 Triassic Poetry Lindsey Dono Me  
5 Macademia Nut Jim Hemphill Frannie  
6 Neighbor, Neighbor on the Wall Maia McCormick Frannie  
7 Better Late Than Never Steve Zakon-Anderson Frannie  
8 The Gang of Four Gene Hubert Frannie called as an Ambi-dance, with second neighbor swing done with swapped roles
9 Hula Hoopla Joseph Pimentel Frannie  
10 Medley
Summer of '94 Mike Richradson Frannie  
Echoing Allemandes Gene Hubert Me  
The Second Time Around Jim Kitch Frannie  
Starburst Cary Ravitz Me  
Mad Robin in Love Greg Frock Frannie  
Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie Me  
11 Firefly Pedicabs Rick Mohr C10  
12 Hey Dreaming ? Frannie  
13 Whirlpool Me Me Triple minor
14 Rock the Cradle, Joe Ridge Kennedy Me  

Fifth Saturdaay advanced/zesty four-hour dance

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