Del Mar Heights, CA

May 11, 2018

Band: Black Mountain String Band

(Given Harrison, Jerry Schreiber, Kim Spalding, and Christine)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Wind Up the Ball of Yarn Traditional  
2 La Bastringue Traditional Non-mixer
3 Galopede Traditional with elements of Virginia No Reel
4 Virginia No Reel Traditional with elements of Galopede
5 Visiting couple square Traditional Circles and stars
6 Favors the Rose Traditional German  
7 Jacob Potato Jacob Bloom  
8 Low-Backed Car Dudley Laufman  
9 Visiting couple square Traditional Birdie in the Cage
10 Blobs    
11 Favors the Rose Traditional German  

A very rough night. An ONS school dance, of about age 10 and down (including siblings as young as 3 years old.) Unlike last time, about half of them were running around chasing each other and fighting while their parents sat in the background being very loud.

Most dances only marginally worked. In a big circle, I couldn't get them to circle. The scatter dances were hopeless. The longways, aside from Favors the Rose, were mixed results.

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