San Diego, CA

March 24, 2018

Band: Figure Eight

(Martha Wild, Drew Leavens, Chris Peoples, Marci Phelan)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Nail That Catfish to the Tree Walter Daves  
2 Nothing Tom Hinds  
3 Ladies Turn Back Paul Rosen A1 circles swapped.
4 Bristol Turns John Nance  
5 Trust Me  
6 Straighten Up and Slide Right Lindsey Dono  
7 Go With the Flow (twin) Me Becket, starting with B1 balances
8 Harmony Supper Line Jim Saxe  
9 A Piece o' Cake Carol Kopp  
10 Twirly Corners Me  
11 Hay in the Barn Chart Guthrie  

First half of first half was over half beginners.

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