Poway, CA

Sam Hinton Folk Festival

June 3, 2017

Band: The More the Merrier

(led by Martha Wild)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Birdie in the Cage traditional done as 2-couple square dance
2 Galopede Traditional Longways set
3 Virginia No Reel Traditional Longways set
4 Wind Up the Ball of Yarn Traditional Big circle dance
5 Untitled Me Longways set
6 Rural Felicity Traditional Longways set
7 The Margate Hoy Traditional 3-couple set
8 La Bastringue Traditional Done as non-mixer
9 Low-Backed Car Dudley Laufman Longways set
10 Heel and Toe Polka Traditional Circle mixer
11 Virginia Reel Traditional Longways set
12 Black Cat Mixer Martha Wild Circle mixer
13 Polka Contry Traditional Becket longways
14 Blobs   Longways
A small family dance associated with the annual San Diego Folk Heritage Sam Hinton Festival. People wandered in and out. First half was young children, second half was much more adults.

Here's the longways set I wrote on the spot.

A1 Long lines forward and back Long lines forward and back A2 Partner do-si-do Partner two-hand turn 1 B1 Ones sashay clockwise around outside of set (down behind women's line, up outside of men's line) B2 Ones sashay around outside continues Ones sashay down center to bottom

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