San Diego, CA

February 11, 2017

Band: Wild & Crazy

(Steve Parks, John Ohara, Carol McCollum, Martha Wild)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Spring Creek Swing Don Armstrong  
2 Spring Fever Tony Parkes  
3 Pearls of Wisdom Bob Isaacs  
4 Walk the Walk Bob Isaacs  
5 A Delicate Balance David Smukler  
6 Midwestern Rories Me  
7 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  
8 Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud Mike Boerschig  
9 Mad, Mad World Martha Wild  
10 Kinematic Dolphin Vorticity Luke Donforth  
11 Enid's Other Delight Peter Foster  
12 Reroll Reel Me  

A number of newcomers walked in after the second dance, which required some program rearrangement. But things went well.

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