San Diego, CA

Shared contra evening with JoAnn Koppany and Martha Wild


Band: The Rosin Sniffers

(Jim Mueller, Amber Mueller, and Chris Cooper)

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds JoAnn Koppany  
2 Star Trek Mike Richardson JoAnn Koppany  
3 Salmonella Evening Steve Zakon-Anderson and Louie Cromartie JoAnn Koppany  
4 Two Happy Fiddlers Jonathan Southard JoAnn Koppany  
5 A Summer Night in Seattle Mike Richardson JoAnn Koppany  
6 Hocus Pocus Lisa Greenleaf JoAnn Koppany  
7 The Bees Knees Martha Wild Martha Wild  
8 The Wrong Star Martha Wild Martha Wild  
9 A Bevy of Butterflies Bob Isaacs and Chris Page Martha Wild  
10 A Square Affair Becky Hill Martha Wild Double progression variant with slice instead of long lines
11 Diving Ducks Martha Wild Martha Wild Four-face-four
12 Double Joy Me Chris Page  
13 Follow the Leader Ted Sannella Chris Page Square
14 True Grit Me Chris Page  
15 Clipper Don Flaherty Chris Page A2 Men pull by left, partner swing
16 La Bastringue Traditional Chris Page Circle mixer
Traditional San Diego midnight dance
17 Chinese New Year Me Chris Page  
Our New Year's Eve dance, a day early because of a competing event in Los Angeles. Four hours long.

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