Rancho Bernardo, CA

December 18, 2016

Band: Steve Moranto, Jim George, Tom Wright

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Come Brave Boys Walsh 1712  
2 Prince William of Flo'ster's Waltz Preston 1801  
3 The Queen's Birthday Playford 1713  
4 Kill Him With Kindness Walsh 1719  
5 The Black Nag Playford 1670 3-couple set
6 Camphouse Hornpipe Gary Roodman  
7 Dunant House Waltz Colin Hume 3-couple set
Dance of the Month
8 Trip to Woodstock Don Bell  
9 Once Upon a Cherry Blossom Me  
10 Bournemoth Waves Phillipe Callens  
11 Hands Across the Water Colin Hume  
12 Shepherd's Delight Hillary Herbert 3-couple set
13 Jaque Latin Wilson 1775  

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