San Diego, CA

March 12, 2016

Band: Crooked

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Tecumseh Dillon Bustin  
2 Power Surge Bob Isaacs and Beth Brill  
3 The Carousel Tom Hinds called by Ellie Konitshek
4 Double Joy Me  
5 The Third of July Tom Hinds  
6 A Properly Proper Hey Me  
7 The Nice Combination Gene Hubert called by Ellie Konitshek
8 Lemniskating Me  
9 McKenzie River William Watson  
10 Alternating Corners Jim Kitch A1: Neighbor balance and swing
11 Passion Breakdown B Cary Ravitz B2: Ladies chain, star left
12 To Turn a Phrase Bob Isaacs  

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