San Diego, CA

February 5, 2016

Band: Tectonic Shakedown

(Kim Spalding, JoAnn Koppany, Tom Dillon)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Simplicity Swing Becky Hill  
2 Between the Lines Cary Ravitz starting with mirror do-si-do
3 Joel's in the Kitchen Sue Rosen  
4 Hearts and Flowers Ted Sannella called by Ellie Konitshek
5 A-1 Reel Chris Weiler Improper version
Neighbor balance, women allemande replaced with do-si-dos
6 Cross Purposes Me Four-facing-four
7 The Nice Combination Gene Hubert A1 Gypsy and swing
8 Untitled Me  
9 Untitled Me  
10 Turn of the Cards Bob Isaacs  
11 Balance and Cross Rick Mohr  
12 Heart of Glass Cary Ravitz A1 Shift, circle, swing

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