Rancho Bernardo, CA


Band: Whirled Peas

(Patty McCollumb, Bob Altman, Barbara Whitney)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Mary and Dorothy    
2 Scholarly Pursuits Sharon Green  
3 Ore Boggy Neal 1726  
4 Portsmouth Playford 1709  
5 A Double Rule of Three Me Three couple circle
6 Hit the Hay Alan Winston  
7 Dunrobin Castle Kynaston 1718 Three couple set
8 Jaque Latin Wilson 1775  
9 Red House Young 1721  
10 Neat, Mr. John Kynaston 1718 Three couple set
Dance of the month
11 Mary's Jig Alan Winston  
12 Shepherd's Delight Hilbary Herbert Three couple set
13 Elizabeth Colin Hume  

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