November 15, 2015


Band: More the Merrier

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Spring Creek Swing Don Armstrong  
2 Training Wheels Yoyo Zhou  
3 Rollin' to the Gray Eagle Hank Morris  
4 A-1 Reel Chris Weiler Improper version
5 Wind-Up Your Partner Me  
6 Queen's Quickstep Me Four-face-four
7 Fifth Friday Me  
8 Uncle Toby's Picnic Committee Lynn Ackerson variant
9 Super Swooper Scooper Me  
10 Go With the Flow Me  
11 Return 2 Sender Bob Isaacs  
12 Right Thought Yoyo Zhou  

An interesting experiment, where I tried only calling dances I'd never called before. It took more research than normal, but it went well.

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