Rancho Bernardo, CA

Nov 11, 2015

Band: Steve Moranto, Bonnie Insull, David Collins

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Madiera Dream Tom Senior  
2 The Spaniard Thompson 1777  
3 Ore Boggy Neal 1726  
4 Mulberry Garden Playford 1670  
5 Sussex Cottage Chris Turner hey version
3-couple set
6 Colin's Tambourine Colin Hume  
7 Portsmouth Playford 1709  
8 Ramblin' Rosie Gary Roodman Revised version
Dance of the month
9 Swirling Waters Colin Hume  
10 The Disbanded Officer Thompson 1776 (Sheffield)  
11 Red and all Red Thompson 1757 3-couple set
12 Softly Good Tummas Kynaston 1718  
13 Autumn in Amherst Philippe Callens  

A number of people were off at the Portland Ball, so a smaller crowd. "Swirling Waters" was touch-and-go, especially with the double progression. "Colin's Tambourine", however, went over quite well.

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