Anaheim, CA

October 24, 2015

Band: Rhythm Method String Band

(Steve Shapiro, Briana Bandy, Kelly Marie Marsh)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Dayton Paul Rosen  
2 Yet Another Silly Contra Tom Hinds  
3 Circle of Friends variant Steve Zakon-Anderson Circle mixer
Do-si-do, balance and swing corner
No roll back in B2
4 Zig Roll Zag Bob Isaacs  
5 Walk the Walk Bob Isaacs  
6 Yours Truly Me  
7 The Cure for the Claps Bob Isaacs  
8 Kindred Spirits Me Hey version
9 Mad, Mad World Martha Wild  
10 Forgotten Treasure Beth Parkes 2-couple set
11 Delphiniums and Daisies Tanya Rotenberg 2-couple set
12 Housewarming Jacob Bloom Triplet
B2: Do-si-do, swing
A small evening. After slot 7 we were down to four dancers, so I converted some dances to doublets. (Each time through, rotate up/down by 90 degrees, and switch partners with neighbors.) Forgotten Treasure was especially good in this format.

Ended fifteen minutes early.

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