Julian, CA

Band: Flashing Sirens

(Martha Wild, Marci Phelan, Kelley Duley)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
Family Dance (4:30-5:30) with Martha Wild and community band
1 Wind Up the Ball of Yarn A1 Big circle
2 The Etiquette Dance A2 Snowball scatter mixer
3 Black Cat Mixer Martha Wild Circle mixer
4 Blobs With Stars   Longways
5 Heel and Toe Polka   Circle mixer
6 Rip and Snort   5-6 couple squares
7 Rural Felicity   Longways
Evening contra (6:30-9:00) with Flashing Sirens
1 Family Contra Sherry Nevins  
2 La Bastringue Traditional Circle mixer
3 Ellen's Green Jig variant Roy Dommett/Graham Hempel A1/A2 from Broken Sixpence
4 Kentucky Mixer Traditional 3-couple scatter mixer
5 Monterey Detour Bob Dalsemer  
6 La Plongeuse Traditional Longways set
7 Circle of Friends Steve Zakon-Anderson Circle mixer
Do-si-do, balance and swing corner
No roll back in B2.
8 Salmonella Evening Steve Zakon-Anderson and Louie Cromartie  
9 Ohio River Contra Jerry Helt B2Long lines, ones swing
10 Handsome Young Maids Sue Rosen  

The inaugural dance for a quarterly series starting up in Julian, CA -- a small tourist town in the San Diego mountains.

The family dance was about an hour long, with Martha Wild leading the community band. It was mostly a tour group of about 30 college students -- very energetic and enthusiastic.

The evening dance was an hour later. It was about 20 people. A half dozen had danced before. The rest were couples that stuck together. Contras where it mattered where the swing ended proved to be very challenging throughout the night. I never bothered with ladies chain.

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