San Diego, CA

September 12, 2015

Band: Old Twine String Band

(Martha Wild, JoAnn Koppany, Jeff Bratt, Chris Peoples)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds  
2 Black Cat Mixer Martha Wild  
3 something made up Me A1 Neighbor balance and swing
A2 Promenade over and back
B1 Women do-si-do, Men do-si-do
B2 Long lines, ones swing
4 Puce Set One Martha Wild  
5 Summer Sunshine Paul Balliet  
6 Salmonella Evening Steve Zakon-Anderson/Louie Cromartie  
7 Atlantic Mixer   Circle mixer
8 Blueshift Me  
9 Box the Compass Tony Saletan Improper variant without the pull-by
10 Joel's in the Kitchen Sue Rosen  
11 Forward Up Six and Six Fall Back Traditional Square
12 Follow the Leader Ted Sannella Square

A very interesting evening. The first dance started with a small crowd (20-ish), as it was hot, with no beginners. About a dozen beginners showed up during the first dance, so I switched to a simple circle mixer. And then another sixteen beginners showed up during the second dance, so things went downhill. I greatly simplified "ABC" by Erik Hoffman. But the dances remained very challenging, even considering the newcomers.

During the break I found out they were all from one person's birthday party, and they had been drinking. That explained a lot.

The second half ended a little early as people tired out.

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