Rancho Bernardo, CA

July 26, 2015

Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Hop Ground Preston 1794  
2 Alice Philippe Callens called by Victor Garza
3 Alterations Johnson 1753  
4 The First of April Thompson 1780  
5 The Spaniard Thompson 1777  
6 Squaring the Circle Loretta Holtz  
7 My Lady of the Lake Loretta Holtz  
8 Yellow Stockings Neal 1726  
9 Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford 1698  
10 La Gavre 1777 called by Victor Garza
11 De'il Take the Warr Young 1721 3-couple set
12 A Trip to Paris Walsh 1711  
13 An Early Frost Philippe Callens  
14 Halsway Sicilian Pat Shaw Sicilian circle
15 Barbarini's Tambourine Walsh 1741  

An interesting evening. This was the original plan:

  1. The Hop Ground
  2. Alice
  3. Alterations
  4. Waters of Holland
  5. Jack's Maggot
  6. An Early Frost
  7. Pat's Tradition
  8. Mary K
  9. (break)

  10. La Gavre
  11. Joy After Sorrow (dance of the month)
  12. Squaring the Circle
  13. Another Nancy's Fancy
  14. The Potter's Wheel

We started out with one new dancer. Two more new ones arrived before the second dance. Four more who had only danced once years ago arrived before the third.

At this point I warned dancers we were going somewhat off program. I stuck with the third dance -- it's forgiving enough, while making mental edits.

During "Alterations" seven more new dancers walked in the door. (Our regular attendance is 30-40.) That's when I ripped the programs off the wall and just started choosing from scratch. Many of them were younger (20's-30's), so I tried to aim for more interesting simple dances, with activity, but wouldn't wipe out our older crowd. I think it worked, since they all stayed to within fifteen minutes of the very end of the evening. But it was an interesting exercise in programming on the fly, like doing "Yellow Stockings" as a set-up for "Mr. Isaac's Maggot."

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