San Diego, CA

July 17, 2015

Band: Tectonic Shakedown

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Tourist Ted Sannella  
2 Two for the Show Ted Sannella  
3 Cabot School Mixer Ted Sannella Circle mixer
4 Hearts and Flowers Ted Sannella called by Ellie Konitshek
5 The Proud Parents Ted Sannella  
6 The Merry-Go-Round Ted Sannella Square
7 New Friendship Reel Ted Sannella  
8 Gay Gordons Traditional Couples dance mixer
9 Salute to Larry Jennings Ted Sannella Both Ted's published version, and Larry's revision
10 Ted's Triplet #24 Ted Sannella Triplet
11 Contra for Margie Ted Sannella  
12 CDS Reel Ted Sannella  

A themed evening, this time (obviously) based on Ted Sannella. There were a number of new people, especially in the first half, so a few dances got simplified away, including Fiddleheads, Salutation, and Ted's Triplet #39. I tried "Lost Love" as the circle mixer, but the multiple reverses in direction was too much, so I changed it into "Cabot School Mixer."

"Contra for Margie", "Two for the Show", and "The Proud Parents" were the most challenging ones.

For "Salute to Larry Jennings", I first did Ted's final version, with only the ones swinging. Then after running it about 9 times, I stopped, and taught Larry's version, explaining this was why many of Ted's dances don't get done as much -- people have added another swing, so the original gets forgotten.

"Gay Gordons" was included because of Ted's interest in including multiple dance forms on a program, plus his background in international dance. I also spent time throughout the evening talking a little about his influence.

It was my first time calling "Merry-Go-Round." Getting man one moving was challenging, but after that things worked well. The one spin I did was instead of calling it M1-M2-M3-M4-W1-W2-W3-W4, I did it M1-W1-M2-W2-M3-W3-M4-W4.

A number of dances got left on the cutting-room floor, especially Ted's odd formation ones.

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