San Diego, CA

June 27, 2015

Band: The More the Merrier

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Patience Me Called by Ellie Konitshek
Balance and swing in A2, B2
2 Dayton Paul Rosen  
3 Pearls of Wisdom Bob Isaacs  
4 A Piece o' Cake Carol Kopp  
5 (untitled mad robin gate dance) Yoyo Zhou Men's allemande instead of gypsy
6 Free the French Four Roger Diggle  
7 Jess's Reel Me  
8 Flirting Ferrets Me First test version
9 The First Straw Me  
10 Kindred Spirits Me Hey version
11 Objects in Motion Me  
12 Housewarming Jacob Bloom Triplet
B2: Do-si-do, swing partner

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