Rancho Bernardo, CA

November 23, 2014

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Fourpence Ha' Penny Farthing Playford 1709  
2 Christchurch Bells Playford 1679  
3 Indian Summer Elizabeth Goosen  
4 Mr. Ganiford's Delight William Ganiford  
5 Jack's Maggot Playford 1702  
6 Marina Elizabeth Zekley  
7 The Phoenix Rejuvenated Pat Shaw 4-couple set
8 Filigree Rosemary Loch  
9 Breakfast With Coyote Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett  
10 The Pursuit 1719 Dance of the month
11 Fine Companions Waltz Gary Roodman  
12 The Astonished Archaeologist Phillipe Callens 3-couple set
13 General Grooviness of the Universe Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett  
14 The Bonny Cuckoo Gail Ticknor 4-couple set
15 Vivaldi in Paradise Gary Roodman  
16 Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford 1698  

"Phoenix Rejuvenated" went a lot better than expected. I tried telling dancers to imagine a wall between the two groups of four, and that everyone needed to face that wall for the cast and leads.

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