Anaheim, CA

July 27, 2014

Band: Interfolk

(Aimee Aul, Jim Garner, Kriss Larson, Mary Ann Sereth)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Oak Hill Quickstep Bob Nicholson  
2 O'Brien's Star Becky Hill  
3 Mash-Up Mixer Me Circle mixer
4 Meshach's March Tony Parkes A2 Men pull by left
5 Passion Breakdown Cary Ravitz A1 Neighbor gypsy and swing
B2 Ladies chain, star left
6 The Illusion of Eight Me Four-face-four
7 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  
8 Taking Turns Me  
9 Balance and Swing Through Peter Foster B1 Men pull by left
10 Double Joy Me  
11 Handsome Young Maids Sue Rosen  
12 Mad, Mad World Martha Wild  
13 Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie  

No circles in the first half. I didn't realize this when programming till I got to dance #7. I then missed my opportunity at the beginning of the second half to announce the teaching of a "brand-new complex figure".

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