Culver City, CA

LA Ball final practice

October 4, 2013

Band: Walter & Mary Ann Sereth, Keiko Kadby, Denisa Anna

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Turn of the Tide Ron Coxall  
2 Apley House Playford 1703  
3 The Young Widow Griffiths, 1788 Triple Minor
4 Sarah Gary Roodman  
5 Nonesuch Playford 1651 Cecil Sharp version
4-couple set
6 John Tallis' Canon Pat Shaw  
7 Dunant House Waltz Colin Hume 3-couple set
8 Mary's Garden Elizabeth Goossen  
9 Susan Tom Amesse 3-couple set
10 Grimstock Playford 1651 3-couple set
11 Bonfire Me Video
12 Red House Young 1721  
13 Mr. Playford's Roundabout Charles Bolton Circle mixer

Two and a half hours only. It was a break-neck pace. Familiar dances only done five times.

A bomb scare three blocks away turned the local Los Angeles traffic into residential gridlock. Thankfully I came an hour early, but even still that made people late.

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