San Diego, CA

September 28, 2013

Band: Flashing Sirens

(Kelly Duley, Marci Phelan, Martha Wild)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Intergenerational Reel Bob Dalsemer  
2 Simplicity Swing Becky Hill  
3 Mad Scatter Rick Mohr Scatter mixer
4 Flirtation Reel Tony Parkes  
5 Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie  
6 Gypsy Madness Bob Isaacs  
7 Yours Truly Me A2: Men pull by left, partner swing
Done with rolling start
8 The Lost Whirled Me  
9 Linear Spin Bob Isaacs  
10 Slip Sliding Away Me Slip jig
11 Graceful Reel Jan Larsen  
12 Moody Street Sue Rosen  

First half was a challenging dancing crowd.

I learned a few things about the scatter mixer "Mad Scatter" -- first couples who join in a circle shouldn't break up a partner pair, or panic insues. Second, it's okay to tell people without a partner to look for someone else lost nearby. But that doesn't help much when the shortest dancer in the room is constantly the single person left out.

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