Rancho Bernardo, CA

June 16, 2013

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Holborn March Wright 1740  
2 The Duke of Kent's Waltz 1801  
3 Yellow Stockings Neal 1726  
4 Sir Roger Elizabeth Goossen 3-couple set
5 Portsmouth Playford 1709  
6 Chestnut Playford 1651 3-couple set
7 Felicity Colin Hume 4-couple set
8 Round About Our Coal Fire Bride 1766  
9 To Dance Divine Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett  
10 Mary's Garden Elizabeth Goossen  
11 Nonesuch Playford 1651, Cecil Sharp interpertation 4-couple set
Dance of the month
12 Sarah Gary Roodman  
13 Corelli's Maggot Cathy & John Miller  
14 Waterfall Waltz Pat Shaw done improper

"To Dance Divine" is turning out to be surprisingly popular. "Sir Roger" also got some good feedback.

"Nonesuch" was dance of the month, and it was all my fault, from sticking it on the upcoming L.A. Ball. We're doing the Cecil Sharp version -- it's certainly not my favorite, but it's the one everybody knows. I taught it as three parts, with a few tiny intermissions. (Up a double, and sort-of-siding.) The first part was the duple minor part, which I had them repeatedly take hands four at the start of each time through the music. The second part was the column. And the third part was the progressive grand right and left, starting with the top couple facing each other, and everyone else facing up. Done like that it at least seemed more manageable.

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