Santa Barbara, CA

Jun 9, 2013

Band: Growling Old Geezers

(Jim Mueller, Amber Roullard-Mueller, James Bolton, with guest Gilles Apap.)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Monday Night in Ballard Mike Richardson  
2 Sneak Peek Bob Isaacs  
3 Reroll Reel Me  
4 Two-Hand Turn With Hey Becky Hill  
5 Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion Cary Ravitz  
6 The Turning Point Gene Hubert  
7 Fool Around For Lori Me  
8 Laura's Zigzag Rick Mohr  
9 Back to Square One Me & Bob Isaacs  
10 Passion Breakdown B Cary Ravitz A1: Gypsy and swing
B2: Ladies chain, star left
11 Little Girl With the Curl Bob Isaacs  
12 Huckleberry Friend Myra Hirschberg and Tom Calwell  

One set. Slots 6 and 9 were the only shaky ones.

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