Anaheim, CA

March 23, 2013

with Frannie Marr

Band: Les Amis

(Mark Burrill, Ned Boyer, Jim Scheel on guitar, Daniel Slosberg)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Push the Button Unknown called by Frannie Marr
2 Culver City Contra James Hutson called by Frannie Marr
3 A Dance for Dan Bill Olson B2: Men pull by left, neighbor swing
4 TLC Tempest Me Triple minor
5 Lannie's Back Erik Weberg called by Frannie Marr
6 In Cahoots Rick Mohr  
7 Delphiniums and Daisies Tanya Rotenberg Medley
Kitchen Stomp Becky Hill
Shadrack's Delight Tony Parkes
The Second Time Around Jim Kitch
8 Poetry in Motion Lisa Greenleaf called by Frannie Marr
9 Bob's Triplet #1 Bob Dalsemer called by Frannie Marr
10 A Sure Thing Me  
11 United We Dance Bob Isaacs  

Every organizer's nightmare -- she accidentally double-booked two callers this night. Once we found out about it, we decided to split the evening, which was fun. Especially the medley (done 4-4-4-5 times through), which went over very well.

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