California Twirls Weekend

East Bay/San Francisco area, CA

Feburary 16-17, 2013

Bands: Bonfire with Gasoline, The Whoots, Crabapples

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
Saturday, February 16, 9:15-11 pm
Bonfire with Gasoline
(Bonnie Insull, Richard Scher, Frank Hoppe, Victor Garza)
1 Sarah's Journey Gene Hubert  
2 Do What's Right Me  
3 Swingcatcher Me  
4 Eleanor's Reel Bill Olson B1: Give and take, swing
B2: Shift left, circle left 3/4 with N4,
   do-si-do N4 to wave of four
5 Kathy's Smile David Smukler original version
6 A Sure Thing Me  
7 Huckleberry Friend Myra Hirschberg and Tom Calwell  
8 Chinese New Year Me  
Sunday, February 17, 1-3 pm
The Whoots
(Noel Cragg, Michelle Levy, Ben Schreiber, Jim Oakden)
1 Trip to Lambertville Steve Zakon-Anderson  
2 Swap Meet Me  
3 Kindred Spirits Me Neighbor swing version
4 Gemini Six Me  
5 TLC Tempest Me Triple minor
6 Criss-cross Heys Bob Isaacs  
7 Blind Catch Me  
8 Fool Around for Lori Me  
9 Catch a Falling Star Melanie Axel-Lute  

An urban dance weekend organized by Lynn Ungar and Kelsey Hartmann. This was the inaugural year, with all talent taken from California. Four callers, three bands, two locations. It was a lot of fun, though I went overboard including my own creations in the second half, by first adding the triple minor, and then the slip jig when I found out the Whoots were interested.

The other callers were Susan Michaels, Kalia Kliban, and Dean Allemang.

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