San Diego, CA

February 1, 2013

Band: The Avant Gardeners

(George Paul and Laura Light)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Intergenerational Reel Bob Dalsemer  
2 O'Brien's Star Becky Hill  
3 Mash-Up Mixer Me  
4 Untitled Me  
5 Revolution Reel Tom Hinds Promenade instead of right and left through
6 Gypsy Moon Lisa Greenleaf  
7 Sneak Peek Bob Isaacs  
8 Moments of Transition Me  
9 Kindred Spirits Me Hey, no neighbor swing
10 Steel Anniversary Reel Rick Mohr  
11 Handsome Young Maids Sue Rosen  
12 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  

An evening that had been targeted towards new dancers because of the band. And we got a lot -- 80+, which meant that during the peak I couldn't do down-the-hall dances. But overall things went very well.

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