San Diego, CA

January 4, 2013

Band: Old Twine String Band

(Martha Wild, JoAnn Koppany, Drew, and Jeff Bradt)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Oak Hill Quickstep Bob Nicholson  
2 May Apple Stomper Paul Balliet  
3 Hang Time Bob Isaacs & Roger Auman  
4 Mermaid's Basket Gene Hubert  
5 Trip to IHOP Danner Claflin Men, women swapped in A2.
6 The Second Time Around Jim Kitch  
7 Fatal Attraction Roger Auman  
8 Heart of Glass Cary Ravitz A1 Shift left, circle, swing
9 Catch of the Day Me  
10 A Delicate Balance David Smukler  
11 Roll Twelve Me  
12 A Gypsy for Jessica Tom Lehmann  
13 Awesome Double Progression Dance Donna Calhoun  

About a third beginners, so there was a fair amount of program reshuffling. When the smoke cleared I realized I'd done four very similar down-the-hall dances (slots 1, 4, 10, and 13), though the main figure in each was different enough that nobody personally complained.

After surveying dancers from an online poll, we were getting complaints that the dances were running too long, so I ran these 13-15 times each. Hence the extra dance in the second half.

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