San Diego, CA

December 8, 2012

Band: Flashing Sirens

(Martha Wild, Marci Phelan, Kelly Duley)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Patience Me Do-si-dos in A2, B2
2 The Nice Combination Gene Hubert  
3 Speed Dating Bob Isaacs Scatter mixer
4 Hey Man Paul Balliet non-alternating
5 Simplicity Swing Becky Hill done to techno music
6 Vector Analysis Me early working version
7 To Turn a Phrase Bob Isaacs called by Justin Kauker
8 Balance and Think Gene Hubert A1: Long lines, men allemande left 1 & 1/2
9 Victory Rose Me See the video.
10 Gate Expectations Me Slip jig. Non-alternating
11 Power Exchanges Elio Lewis Susan Petrick version
called by Justin Kauker
12 Mendo Wanderer Erik Hoffman A1: Neighbor allemande right 1 & 1/2, 1/2 hey (ML)

San Diego's first go at trying to alternative/techno music -- Justin had prepared a mix for one set, including part of which was a riff off the song, "Angeline the Baker".

Flashing Sirens is the rename of Ranting Banshee, with a new fiddler.

I videoed myself doing the beginner's session: Part one and Part two.

Here's the version of "Vector Analysis" I called:

Vector Anaylsis, original version
by Chris Page
A1 Ladies chain
   1/2 hey (WR,NL,MR)
A2 Partner balance
   Partner swing
B1 Men allemande left 1 & 1/2
   Neighbor swing
B2 Long lines forward and back
   Partner box the gnat
   Square through (PR,NL) (no balances)

But the B2 proved to be too unforgiving for certain partner pairs, and distorted the rest of the dance. Plus I wasn't thrilled with the space needed for all to box the gnat in the center of the set. I've since revised it.

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