Culver City, CA

August 12, 2012

Band: The English Roses

(Mary Ann and Walter Sereth)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The First of April Thompson 1780  
2 Hole in the Wall Playford 1698  
3 Gathering Peascods Playford 1651 Circle dance.
Turn singles done left, then right
4 Candles in the Dark Loretta Holtz  
5 Salute to Preston Brian Wedgbury  
6 Smithy Hill Tom Cook  
7 Jaque Latin Wilson 1775  
8 Emerald Island Gary Roodman  
9 Trip to Orpington Pat Shaw 3-couple set
10 Easter Morn Erna-Lynne Bogue  
11 Jacob Hall Jig Playford 1695 not the Sharp interpretation
12 Angels Unawares Graham Christian  

A warm day in Los Angeles, with the outside temperature in the upper 80's, and good ventilation but no air conditioning. I used every slower paced alternate that I'd given the band.

Instead of having all turn singles to the right in "Gathering Peascods," I tried having the first turn single in each section to be to the left, to make it smoother. I also stuck with Shaw (shoulder) siding.

"Emerald Island" was a request from the organizers, as it was on their upcoming ball.

The version of "Jacob Hall Jig" I did left out the second arm turns in the A1/A2. They're clearly not in the original Playford, and it makes for a much more accesible dance.

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