San Diego, CA

July 28, 2012

Band: Old Twine String Band

(Jeff Bratt, JoAnn Koppany, Martha Wild, Don Noon)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Patience Me Do-si-do in A2, balance in B2
2 Yankee Reel Ted Sannella  
3 Vintage Mixer Me Circle mixer
4 Slice of Life Bob Isaacs  
5 Follow the Leader Ted Sannella Square with generic breaks
6 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds Called by Justin Kauker
7 Jess's Reel Me non-alternating
8 Kindred Spirits Me  
9 A Gypsy in the Hey Jim Kitch  
10 Trust Me  
11 Sorceror's Apprentice Elio Lewis & Deb Comly  
12 Passion Breakdown alternate Cary Ravitz A1 Gypsy and swing
B2 Ladies chain, star left

A number of beginners, including my parents, who were visiting and wanted to hear me call. So what do you do when the final fifth square to form needs one more person, or else seven people will sit out, one of whom's your mother? You join in, and try calling a square while dancing and watching all four others. An interesting experience, and there were even survivors.

"Frederick Contra" was the first calling experience at a regular evening for our new caller, Justin Kauker. He did a good job, and he's on track to have a good future ahead of him.

Vintage Mixer
by Chris Page
Circle Mixer
A1 Forward and back
   Circle left
A2 Men roll away partner              (4)
   Circle right                       (4)
   Parnter allemande left 1 & 1/2     (8)
B1 Corner (new partner) balance and swing
B2 Promenade new partner

A mixer written to add a simple roll-away, as prep for a square dance break that I wound up not using. While it's an okay dance, the timing in the A2 makes it trickier than it should be.

Named after "Vintage Reel" by Ted Sannella.

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